About Mike

So it has come to our attention that Mike has officially become part of our team, now being part of the team comes with it’s own initiation ritual, being tied to a chair, with a light shone in his eyes whilst we demand some answers. We ask the tough and random questions that you all want to know the answers to.


Firstly, how are you feeling about this?

Annoyed. You have to do it I’m afraid, we all did, it is Stacey’s turn soon. Okay


What is your favourite time of day?

Evening because I can chill or workout. (He isn’t actually just saying that, he does genuinely work out).

Ronnie: You’d know all about that wouldn’t you Cate? 😉


What is your favourite animal?

Wolves, cuz their cool. I kind of have a pet wolf.


Three words to describe yourself

Nerdy, Buff, Awkward. What kind of awkward? Socially awkward. Me too…

Ronnie: Aw, they’re so cute.


Perfect day out?

Disney world for the rides. You heard it right ladies, a gentleman who wants to go to Disney World! (Even if it is just for the rides)

Ronnie: I LOVE DISNEY!!!


Favourite Movie?

Lucky Number Sleven. What is it kind of about? Errrrmmmm, it’s about, er, two gang bosses, that killed this guys mum and dad when he was younger, he basically got raised by an assassin…er I’m telling you all the story, your not supposed to know until the end. (Neither Ronnie or I have seen this film)

Ronnie: Huh?


Dream Job

Game designer. That would be so cool. I know

Ronnie: Who ever asked if he’s a sexy nerd, surely this answers your question.


When did you start your fitness hobby?

16, but properly started working out when I was 21.


Pet Peeve?

People eating wit their mouths open, it’s just disgusting and eating noises in general. I hate that too, it’s just ugh, it isn’t hard to eat like a civilised human.


Go to meal or place to eat?

Pizza hut

Ronnie: A pizza hut, a pizza hut, kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut. McDonald’s McDonald’s kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut.


Top thing on a bucket list

Haven’t made a bucket list. Yet, I’m sure we will get you to make one at some point.

Ronnie: 😉 😉


Best thing about 2016 so far?

Starting with the site, could change? Well it is still early on in the year.

Ronnie: Aw bless your little cotton socks, but no, nothing will beat us! Hehehe.


Tea or coffee?

Neither, Pepsi Max.

Ronnie: I know you are always drinking it Mike! You leave massive bottles at mine!


What are you thinking?

Kinky. (Cue the red face from me)

Ronnie: Lovin’ this.


Favourite Game?

Haven’t we already covered this one before, Out of all the questions, were lucky their is only one double and Ronnie didn’t really help too much. Grand Theft Auto Five.

Ronnie: I’m better at commenting.


If you could do anything right now, what would it be?

Drive an Aston Martin.


Lightsabre Colour?

Blue I think. Mine would probably be green because I already have a green one


What are you looking forward to most?

The weekend thing.


Main dream/ aspirations?

To be happy. (aawwww, Disney World and happiness)

Ronnie: You are too cute Mike.


How do you feel about the team?

Interesting. (Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing)


The last one: Ronnie’s Magical Mystery Question

Ronnie: What are you and Cate doing when she’s down?

Go to the cinema, maybe go for a walk in one of the parks, hang out basically.

Ronnie: So sounds like a date 😉 😉


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