About Ronnie

To get to know Ronnie a bit better we decided to shine a light into her eyes and interrogate, of course to make it more authentic we tied her to a chair. I hope you enjoy her responses as much as we did. (No Ronnie’s were harmed in the making of this page).


What is your current profession?

I’m an Early Years Practitioner, also can sometimes called a Nursery Nurse, I’ve been working as that for the last two years. Also can you loosen the ropes, no one would know. They would be able to tell; they would just know so NO!


What’s your favourite colour?

Blue, like light blue. Manchester City blue. (We would like to say that this is not the football team the whole website supports, but that of Ronnie alone.)


Favourite time of day?

Evening, it’s because it’s the only time of day that I get free to do whatever I want.


Favourite animal?

Dogs, I have a beautiful Boxer called Bailey and two Labradors named Bowser and Bella. Yeah but what’s your favourite animal out of them all? I just told you dogs.


Dream Pet?

Yeah we should have known not to ask this one but it’s on the sheet.  I want two dogs, at least one of them will be a boxer.


What’s your dream job?

I would love to be a writer or an author, it’s a dream I’m not going to give up on.


Favourite things to watch?

My two favourite films are ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘The Heat’. Why do you like them? Because they are funny and I love comedy feel goods, can you move the light, it’s hurting my eyes. NEVER! It’s to make sure we get accurate answers which are truthful. Favourite T.V shows? Arrow, Friends and Big Bang Theory, love them.


Dream place to live?

I’d like to live in L.A or New York. I want a house with private lands, but still close to shops and stuff. Garden? Yeah I’d like a big garden, oooohhhhh, with a pond.


Do you like board games?

Yeah, mainly twister, especially strip twister. Oh Ronnie! (We gave her a hard look for that.)


If we set your flat on fire right now and you only had time to save one thing, what would it be?

My Laptop!!! (She yelled because we moved the light closer to her, add the pressure) Why Would you save that Ronnie? Because it has all my photos and stories on and pretty much everything else I need.0


Dream Date?

This is gonna sound cheesy, but, a restaurant on a beach at sun set or a funfair so that we can get to know each other and have fun, maybe sex maybe not. (Join us in our heavy sigh! Her sex life will help us later on I guess).


Three words to describe yourself?

Understanding, bonkers and forgetful. We would agree with that.



SPIDERS!!! (We tortured it out of her using a spider, don’t worry we stopped before she had a fatal panic attack.)


Go to books?

Shy Girls Got a Gun and Billionaire’s Heir. Both of these books can be found on Wattpad.


If you could do anything right now what would it be?

It would be free, as in untie me now and turn off that stupid light and let me free.



Many hours later we did in fact untie Ronnie and set her free back into the wild, we hope you got to know her a bit.

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